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Music Videos of Avatar: The Last Airbender

The art of videobending meets the art of musicbending.

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What We Do

Welcome to Livejournal's vidding group for the show Avatar: The Last Airbender. Our purpose is two-fold:

1. To provide people a place to share & discuss their Avatar fanvids.
2. To create an archived list of all publicly posted Avatar fanvids on the internet.

Administrator: rashaka

Current layout uses CSS provided by grafikitty, with minor tweaking by bentfire.


The Rules:

1. Posting
ONE MUSIC VIDEO PER ENTRY POST. I'm going to try a two-way archiving method, one way with tags and memory groups for song artists, pairings and/or vidders. This means 1 video per post for archiving purposes, since every vid is going into the community memories. However, you can post as many videos per day as you like. (try not to overwhelm the community, though.)

2. Credit
All vids must be credited to the original vidder[s]. Taking credit for something that's not yours is in exceedingly poor taste, and will get you banned if a mod catches you. Vidders put anything from 3 to 150 hours into making a fanvid, and that's effort which deserves your respect. If you do not know/can't find the original vidder that's fine, but be sure that you say so clearly.

3. Recs & Links for the Archive
Because one of my goals with this community is to create a masterlist of Avatar fanvids, I'm hoping people will post links to vids they find on sites such as youtube, putfile, and animemusicvideos.org. If you're posting a video by someone else, whether making a recommendation or simply adding to the archive, please note this clearly in your post so that you're not accidentally accused of taking credit for a video that isn't yours. When posting a rec or a link, do NOT hotlink directly to someone's private bandwidth. Link to the webpage where the video is publicly posted.

4. Communication
If you download a video, please comment! Even if it's just to say you're going to look at it later. Additionally, please be respectful when giving commentary on other people's videos. You are not required to like what you see, but criticism in a community should be constructive, not destructive. Also, refrain from comments like "Sokka sucks!" when someone posts a Sokka-centric vid. Nobody wants to listen to that crap.

5. Video Reviews
Most people just want to share their vids, but if you want a critical analysis/review of your video on an artistic and technical level, myself and others will give you more detailed feedback on your video regarding topics like clip editing, song choice, pacing/timing, transitions, themes, lip-synch, source quality, and originality of ideas.

6. Spoilers
DON'T SPOIL PEOPLE. Do not even hint at spoilers. Make sure you note on your video post the latest episode that you used for source material. For your video commentary you can discuss any spoilers less than two weeks old behind an LJ-cut.

7. Other Discussion
No off-topic posts or advertising for other communities. The criteria for posts = it has a video link OR is about video-making. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
+ a personal video post
+ a video recommendation (recs)
+ a video to add to archive listing
+ vidding assistance/advice, bouncing ideas off other Avatar-watching vidders and viewers
+ technical help
+ requests for a vidding beta (like a fanfic beta-reader) or a vidding partner

8. Community Posts
A mod will make a monthly post listing all the videos for that month as well as requests. Once the community is on its feet, we will begin having monthly theme challenges.

9. Post Format
This is just a guide, but it really helps me keep the memories organized and summaries easy to create. Please try to follow it. However, you're not limited to this in what size your posts have to be-- you can have as long of notes as you want, and you can talk about the vid as much as you like. Anything more than 3/4ths a page should go under an LJ-cut though.

SUBJECT: "Video Title"

Post Format Guide


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